Natural time is a dynamic living entity. It is both space and frequency.


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Welcome to the resonance of Natural Time. This is the resonance you were born knowing and it is the resonance you are destined to remember. As you attune to the vibration of Natural Time through the template of the Galactic Calendar, time becomes a living altar to the moment. 


What is the Galactic Calendar?
The Galactic Calendar is the coalescence of a transmission received by Dr. José Arguelles, which integrates modern revelations with ancient Mayan systems of time keeping. The Calendar is oriented around powerful numerical codes, evolutionary principles and archetypal medicines that are intended to activate an embodied remembrance of your creative potential. Understanding how to engage with the gift of your unique Galactic Calendar astrology is a great way to begin reimagining your relationship with time. As you unhook yourself from dissonant time patterns and arbitrary, irregular calendrical cycles, you awaken the true frequency of synchronicity. 

You are invited out of the mentality that time is running out and into the knowing that time is the harmony of cycles in motion.

We all belong to that holy motion. We were born to realize the prophecy of reunion.


Time is not a prison. It is a prism.

There are many ways to explore the calendar and recreate your relationship with time. Your chart reading is a great jumping-off point! I offer two chart reading options.

Option One: You
book a session for a live zoom call. During this call, (which lasts about an hour), we read your chart, pausing to talk through questions or themes that may arise.

Option Two: You
buy an audio and I study your chart on my own to create a recording of your reading. I send you a downloadable audio file to listen to at your convenience.

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Natal Chart Reading

In this reading we investigate your primary sign, the influences in your birth wavespell and the archetypal energies in your chart that act as guide, hidden helper, compliment and contrast. We will also take note of transitory cycles that are present in your chart and intended to offer deeper portals of insight and focus. 

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Group Constellation Reading

This reading investigates the influences and learning opportunities within the sign created by you and two or more individuals. Examples could include family members, friends, or coworkers. We’ll touch on your individual signs to give context, and we’ll look at the transitory cycles that are present in your collective chart and intended to offer deeper portals of insight and mutual growth. 

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Moon Cycle Reading

In this reading we’ll look at the upcoming moon cycle (broken down into two 13 day segments of time called Wavespells) and investigate their planetary influences as well as the way they interact with your individual chart. You’ll receive that moon’s Wavespell Calibration PDF, guided meditation and video, in addition to a personalized touchstone and practice intended to orient you towards the most potent areas of upcoming potential growth. 

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Embodied Remembrance

This three month facilitated exploration integrates the teachings of the dreamspell calendar with other transformational creative tools, including story, song, movement and mindfulness practice. It is the journey of embodied remembrance.

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Companion Reading 

Every pairing or grouping of individuals creates their own unique sign in the dreamspell calendar. In this reading we will investigate the influences and learning opportunities within the sign that you make with another individual. It could be a partner, a friend or a family member. We’ll touch on your individual signs as well, to give context, and we’ll look at the transitory cycles that are present in your collective chart and intended to offer deeper portals of insight and mutual growth. 

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NatalChart Package 

Receive a discounted rate when you purchase a natal chart reading in conjunction with a companion OR a constellation chart reading. 

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Wavespell Calibration Monthly Subscription

Receive your monthly Wavespell Calibration and begin exploring your daily relationship with the Galactic Calendar! The Wavespell Calibration helps you synchronize with the two 13 day cycles, known as wavespells, that take place every 26 days. At the beginning of each wavespell you will receive a detailed PDF, which expounds upon the unique energy of each day in the wavespell cycle. You’ll also receive a video that includes an invitation into practice and an audio recording with a guided inspiration. The Wavespell Calibration is a template for engaging your relationship to natural time.