About Me

I'm here to help you befriend your body and cultivate practices that bring you peace, empowerment and clarity.

I'm passionate about the holy work of embodiment. I believe these divine physical vessels hold the key to our deepest awakening. I believe they are our greatest allies and that when we honor them, we discover the true magic of our human potential. 

Cultivating a loving relationship with my body has been my boldest revolution and most tender revelation. 




I'm also a writer, a dance teacher and a music maker

In my 20s and early 30s I spent A LOT of time in Brazil, working with various dance forms and documenting the coming of age experience of a talented group of Brazilian hip hop dancers

I am a lover of the nectar morning hours, of tea and any awesome cup that can transport it, of the feeling of pages turning beneath my fingers, of flowers, of silly pet voices and of shared song. 

I believe in community.

I believe togetherness is the the ultimate elixir and that we are all learning, in ways both painful and profound, that what we do to another, we do to ourselves.

The ancient future paradigm is interdependence.

I live with my husband and two stepsons, our tiger cat and our spunky dog in NE Portland, where we tend to a wild garden we like to refer to as the Flying Tiger Dream Farm.