About Me

I'm here to help you remember your creative birthright, embody your inherent medicine, and recast the spell of time, so you can behold your tender truth and share your wild beauty.

I'm passionate about recalibrating ourselves with the original nature of time.

When we imagine time as a qualitative material versus a quantitative entity, everything begins to shift. 


A deeper memory shimmers. 

It glints in the cyclic pulse of nature.

In the reciprocal dance of release and renewal. 

In the generous interdependence of creation.


Working with time reclamation is both a revolution and a revelation. In my own life it has brought me into direct practice with the healing potential fo the divine feminine.   


I'm also a writer, a dance teacher and a music maker

In my 20s and early 30s I spent A LOT of time in Brazil, working with various dance forms and documenting the coming of age experience of a talented group of Brazilian hip hop dancers

I am a lover of the nectar morning hours, of tea and any awesome cup that can transport it, of the feeling of pages turning beneath my fingers, of flowers, of silly pet voices and of shared song. 

I believe in community.

I believe togetherness is the the ultimate elixir and that we are all learning, in ways both painful and profound, that what we do to another, we do to ourselves.

The ancient future paradigm is interdependence.

I live with my husband and two stepsons, our tiger cat and our spunky dog in NE Portland, where we tend to a wild garden we like to refer to as the Flying Tiger Dream Farm. 

The word that best expresses the heart of the work I do with others is embodiment.

In these miraculous human vessels, on this sentient, sacred earth, we are fueled by stars and the secret sway of soil. We are summoned by a dream dusk whisper and a rising reverent song.

We don't have time. We are time.

And we are here now to embody the magic of our truest nature.