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Time is the movement of a rhythm through space.

The Galactic Calendar is an intricate tapestry, oriented around our synchronization with planetary and celestial cycles, as well as archetypal principles. When we engage with the calendar, we engage with the harmonic codes that pulse within our being and within the heart of nature. As our relationship with this new rhythm evolves, we slowly release ourselves from the grip of false time and attune ourselves to a primal memory of interconnection.

 During your live zoom session, we’ll explore the invitations for self-remembrance that are encoded in the elements of your unique galactic birth chart.

  • Explore the incarnation invitations of your galactic birth signature

    111 US dollars
  • Explore monthly galactic cycles and their interplay with your chart

    120 US dollars
  • Explore the galactic birth signature you create with another person

    133 US dollars
  • Explore the galactic birth signature you create in a collective

    144 US dollars
  • Receive a discounted rate when two readings are booked together

    200 US dollars
  • An immersion into natural time and divine expression

    333 US dollars

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