Dance Classes

Cathartic Motion:

Cathartic Motion cultivates tenderness and celebration for the body, the joy of movement and the magic of GOOD music:-)

Classes will include a check in, a luscious warm up, movement exercises that help us release and circulate our power and life force, and yummy, accessible choreography that we can get down to. 

Space is limited! Pre-registration recommended to reserve your spot:-) 


Tuesdays / 5:30-7pm / September 13th - October 18th / at Portland Dance Studio

Price = $108

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Prayers In Motion In Person Immersion

Embodied Prayer is a mindfulness and ritual movement  immersion that uses the power of invocation and the integrative medicine of movement to activate our memory of inherent worth, to alchemize shame into honor and to co-create with divine inspiration.

What does this journey look like?

*Six movement classes (90 min each)

Each class includes mindfulness and honoring practices, enlivening movement and an embodied prayer, which we will learn together and weave into the days between.


*Two integration gatherings (90 min each - one at the beginning of the journey and one at the end).

The integration gatherings give us an opportunity to fortify the supportive fabric of our container and lean into a collective vision that catalyzes each of our unique gifts.

*2 individual 45 min embodiment sessions with Jocelyn (one at the beginning and one at the end of the journey).
During these sessions we’ll invoke and commune with the personal prayers you carry and we’ll co-create embodied practices that invite you into the full power of your devotional medicine.

Mondays 5:30-7pm / September 12th - October 17th / at Portland Dance Studio
Price = $288

*4 spots left for this session

Prayers In Motion Online Session :

From the cozy morning landscape of our own homes, we’ll commune together in the ripe space of ritual. Bring your special beverage, comfortable clothes you can move in, a candle, a journal and a writing tool! We’ll begin with a guided meditation to activate the theme of the day. After a prompted free write, we’ll shift into movement. Our warm up will focus on gently enlivening the body, stretching the muscles and bringing warmth into the hips and torso through articulations. Our time together will then center around learning and practicing the Embodied Prayer of the day, which will offer us an intention and a set of movements to weave throughout our week. 

Fridays 9am-10am PST / August 12th - September 30th / Online / Price = $80

*If you want to start part way into the session we can pro-rate the package!