We are fueled by the engine of unseen stars and the secret sway of soil.

  • Inspire and Attune

    Every month
    Creative elixirs delivered at the New and Full moon
    Valid for 6 months+ 14 day free trial
    • Invocations, Guided Meditations, Writing and Song

The Inspire and Attune Subscription Service is a platform through which I share Invocations, Inspirations, Creative Writing, Guided Meditations, Embodiment Invitations and Song Remedies with you on a cyclic basis, aligned with the New and Full Moons.

You'll receive your Inspire and Attune package via email and it will always include new creative elixirs and invitations oriented around my guiding themes - Reverence, Time Liberation and Muse Magic. 

To get a deeper sense of what the Inspire and Attune service offers, sign up for a free trial!